Using your own hands and  learning the skills  to transform a freshly skinned hide into soft smoked buckskin leather is a rewarding experience that forms a relationship between you and the animal, the past and the present, and extends and honours the animal's life into the future. The art of natural hide tanning creates a unique and rare leather that retains the original integrity and strength of the living animal. 


At Manitoba Buckskin, we have hosted many groups of interested people who tour the shop and learn about what we do. We have taught and trained delegations who have learned the skills and processes of natural hide tanning to take back to their own communities and programs. Individuals with their own hides have come to the shop and receive hands on training, tanning their own hide start to finish. Many other organizations and institutions have invited us to demonstrate, display, and discuss the natural methods of buckskin tanning and drum making. 


If you want to make use of the hides you have, want to learn an ancient, functional and practical art, or would value the insight and skill required to create handmade natural leather or rawhide yourself, I can arrange instruction to suit your individual or group needs, at my location or yours. I can provide hides and tools for hands-on, complete start to finish tanning workshops spread out over a number of days, weekend crash courses with partially prepared hides, afternoon demonstrations, or information presentations. I am very open and willing to accommodate your requests and proposals, please feel free to contact me for costs and details.


Each year in the Fall we host 3  one-day brain tanning courses.  These courses will take place every year in the fall.  We went through the entire process from fresh hide to finished smoked leather in one day, using several hides that demonstrated the stages of the process.  A good time was had by all, and we appreciated the enthusiasm and interest.


We have also consulted with community and government organizations looking to build economic opportunities and business developments in communities where the traditional knowledge is alive but at risk and the access to animal hides is abundant. We feel there is real potential to revive traditional skills and promote their value to the world.



We are very pleased to be working together with Elder Ovide Caribou and his son Robert Caribou to offer complete drum building workshop services including the cultural, historical, spiritual, and ceremonial significance of the drum, as well as teaching and directing the hands-on construction of hand drums.   We can facilitate your drum building event and make it memorable and meaningful.


Please contact us for more details.